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    About Us

    Central Elementary School is located on Hwy 26, about four miles west of Lucedale, Mississippi. We service over 600 students from grades K-6 with 66 faculty members. This faculty population consists of 32 certified teachers, 19 teacher assistants, 7 cafeteria workers, 3 members of the custodial staff, and 2 office staffers.

    Central Elementary is a growing school with over 100 students in each grade, grades K-2. Grades 3-6 has on average 80 students per grade. In grades K-2 we are self-contained with a teacher assistant in each class. Grades 3-6 rotate through reading, mathematics, and science/social studies.


    Central offers an abundance of opportunities and experiences for its students. Starting in the 2017-2018 school year, Central will begin "Houses," a positive incentive program. This transformational strategy has the power to create a positive, contagious energy that excites students to return to school and perform at a high level. Central is also implementing a club system. Every student each Monday will attend a club of their choice. This way each student will have an opportunity to experience more than just traditional curriculum. And, lastly, students in grades 3-6 will experience a heightened STEM-focused curriculum that is still deeply rooted in literacy. Our students experience computer coding, robotics, and computer science, in addition to the traditional curriculum. Students in K-2 will be afforded a literacy rich curriculum that drives foundational growth. 

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