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    The Central Experience - Houses

    Houses is a transformational positive behavior system that rewards entire families of students for the positive individual actions of one member. In the Houses system, every student on campus belongs to a House, regardless of their grade level or any other dividing demographic. With this, one of the goals of Houses is to unite our students across grade level in a friendly competition of positive behavior.

    Houses earn points based on the positive behavior of one of its members. If for example, a red House member does something extremely positive then that individual receives a coin (our method of giving students immediate feedback for their action). It is then the student’s job to deposit that coin into his/her House’s bank to score a point for his/her House. And, at designated check points the House with the highest coin numbers gets celebrated.

    Additionally, the Houses system is used to motivate in other critical areas. In bi-monthly increments, Houses with the highest rating in other school areas are celebrated as well. For example, we will celebrate the House with the highest attendance, the lowest number of tardies, the lowest number of office referrals, highest Accelerated Reader points, etc. Not only does Houses focus on positive behavior, but it is also an effective motivational tool for students to selflessly achieve for their “families.”

    So come experience Houses! It is one of the essential tools for creating the Positive Contagious Energy on our campus, and a major component in “The Central Experience.”

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    CES Houses

    In order to create a fun and unique system, we felt like it was vital to use unique words to detail each House. Below we have listed the name of the House, the Houses’ colors, origin of its name, and the animal used the crest to represent it.



    Ahkeruus (Green House) 

    Perseverance (Name derived from Finnish pronunciation of Ahkera meaning Perseverance); animal symbol = wolf




    Ambiteus (Red House)  

    Ambition (Name derived from Romanian word Ambitie meaning Ambition); animal symbol = eagle












    Aventure (Purple House)

    Adventurous (Name derived from French pronunciation Aventure meaning Adventurous); animal symbol = bear










    Curuj (Yellow House) 

    Courageous (Name derived from Dutch word Curaj meaning Courageous); animal symbol = lion